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Rising Storm 50th High School Reunion

The Rising Storm will be celebrating their 50th high school reunion in mid-June with a set at Phillips Andover for their classmates. This reunion will see all six original members participating, and is supposed to be filmed to add to the documentary that has been in progress since last summer. While the possibility of screening an early rough cut of the film during the reunion was discussed, that does not appear likely to happen.

Look for an article about the band and its history to be published in the New York Times around the same time as the reunion (probably on a Sunday). It most likely will be on the NYT website as well. Finally, the band had been hoping that the reissue of Calm Before… would be available around the same time as the reunion, but it appears that it will be delayed for awhile. No firm date has been set yet. Stay tuned…

Since 1989 Stanton Park has featured the best in independent and hard to find garage, psych, punk 45s, LPs and CDs from all over the world. From the odd and obscure to the well-known artist; from the Boston scene to Rome; from the under-appreciated to the one-hit wonder.

Stanton Park, the label, began in the early 1980s to release bands revolving around a small group of Boston area musicians. Over the next several years, dozens of records were released by bands such as: Willie Alexander, the Bags, the Brood, Head and the Hares, Kenne Highland, Medicine Ball, Rising Storm, Voodoo Dolls, World of Distortion and more.

A small mailorder catalog and this web site followed to help fill in the long gaps between distributor payments. The catalog took on a life of its own growing to around 1500 titles at its peak. After 2000, with the shift to the aether, this site took over the entire distributon of the label and non-label mailorder items.

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